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About Placements

The AIMS Entrepreneurship Development & Placement Cell offers comprehensive career guidance, summer internships, and industry exposure through mentorship programs and guest lectures. They collaborate with national brands to provide vivid career opportunities and offer rigorous pre-placement training programs, bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world.

Entrepreneurship Development & Placement Cell

The institution has a full-fledged placement centre for career guidance and full assistance for job and placement. The placement cell consisting of faculty and student members will act as a channel of communication with our recruiters and create a platform for recruitment and summer placements (SIP-Summer Internship Programme). AIMS also musters the support from Govt. agencies for Skill Development & Employment to seek career opportunities.

We ensure that our students are provided with an ample opportunity to learn from the corporate world through unique mentorship programme. Through an excellent mix of highly qualified faculty and unique teaching methodology, we ensure that our students are well prepared to step into this volatile and dynamic corporate world and occupy positions of stature. AIMS, believes in industry exposure with inputs of academics that ensure students’ all round development. Guest lectures, seminars, industry interaction give students a chance to experience a corporate feel; it increases student’s ability to learn latest management practices.

Many national brands are being a part of AIMS placement cell to develop student’s career. The Institute makes all possible measures to provide vivid career opportunities to all the students.

AIMS has independent, separate, full fledge and strong Centre for Student Development (ACSD), it provides platforms and numerous opportunities to groom students and to bridge the gap between the Academia and Corporate world. As a matter of fact AIMS has very resourceful networking with industry, based on its feedback and inputs talks, the entire ‘Training and Placement’ activities are designed, so that students at Institute itself get ready to handle the industrial assignments. Such kind of industrial culture at Institute level generates lot of mettle among student to face the business and industrial challenges as well as to achieve desired career objectives.

Students are shaped, groomed by virtue of various components of the Pre-Placement Training Programs viz, on Current Affairs, General Aptitude, Technical Aptitude, Skills on Presentation, Group Discussion, Debate, Interviews and Mock Interviews, Industrial Analytics Workshops, psychometric testing etc., are in house at AIMS.

Placement Policy

AIMS indeed provides both on campus and off campus placement drive to all students as per its policies.

On-campus Recruitment Process

With our networking AIMS ascertain vacancies from companies in various departments with ‘Job Description’ in the month of March every year. The same is formulized by initiating a meeting of the placement committee and notification follows for the pre and post interview process.

Off-campus Recruitment Process

Some of the vacancies either from the placement consultancy or companies in the odd time. We do competency mapping as per the requirement from the database and shortlisted students will be notified to complete the process. And entire process will be monitored by the AIMS Centre for Student Development (ACSD) with proper coordination.

Placement Policies

Ineligible from the Placement Activity

Students will be considered ineligible for placement activities if any of the below mentioned is true:

Placement Cell Duties & Responsibilities

Placement Committee

Sr.No.Name of MemberDesignation
1Prof. Dr. M. A. LahoriChairperson & Director
2Prof. Sachin S. JadhavCoordinator
3Prof. Dr. Dattatray P. MoreMember (Faculty Representative)
4Prof. Dr. Manisha A. VhoraMember (Faculty Representative)
5Prof. Anuradha O. KadamMember (Faculty Representative)
6Mr. Shrinath A. ThombareMember (Student Representative)
7Ms. Aishwarya R. LokhandeMember (Student Representative)
8Mr. Ashay R. DoshiMember (Student Representative)
9Ms. Janhavi M. ShahMember (Student Representative)


The AIMS placement cell hosts campus drives with leading national brands, providing students with direct access to prominent companies for job placements and internships, enhancing career prospects and industry exposure.