Guiding Growth : Personalized Mentorship for Student Success

Mentorship Excellence

Strong and structured mentoring system is in place to deal with students. The Institute practices mentoring students to nurture their personalized and customized needs throughout the program tenure. The enrolled students are randomly divided into 12 groups and are allocated faculty who serve as their mentors. Each group consists of 10 students. The allotment is done in the very first semester based on the experience of faculty. Each faculty is responsible for mentoring these allotted students. With their professional distinction, they serve as an example and role model for students to achieve in their life. Mentors allocated also serve as a Guide to students for their Summer Internship Projects. Mentors keep track of the mentees’ performance during the Summer Internship by continuous interaction with them. Mentorship meetings are conducted at least twice a semester.

The Mentors try to understand each individual student’s difficulty in terms of their comfort level at the Institute, their understanding of the subject, peer pressure if any or problems if any that they are facing in the Institute through interactions and meetings. These students are then accordingly guided, and their problems are resolved. Apart from counseling students, the Mentors also keep track of the student attendance & their performance in the Institute. In case of major absenteeism or poor academic performance by the students, the Mentors ensure that parents are timely informed about the same. Home visits are part of the mentoring system. Mentors visit the home of their mentees and discuss progress and behavior with their parents.

At the end of the semester, the mentor submits a comprehensive mentorship report to the academic coordinator. The mentoring system at the Institute pinpoints a high level of involvement and desire of the Institute and faculty in making the student dynamic as an individual and industry ready.