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Title of Practice

Mentoring through Home Visits: Dedicated Relationship


  • To provide the personalised institutional support
  • To develop the career of student in consultation with parents
  • To establish rapport between teachers and parents
  • To strengthen the bonds of guardianship between teachers and students


Being a student centric institute, it has taken enormous efforts to connect with the students from Rural India to promote and inculcate the various skillsets required in changing Industrial Scenario. The same information should reach to the parents as well. To facilitate this objective, the institute has taken a step of mentoring through home visit.


The institute practices the Mentoring through Home Visit since 2018. In this Home Visit – Mentorship practice, teacher plays a role of ‘Mentor’ whereas student act as a ‘Mentee’. At the beginning of academic year every Mentor is allotted 10 mentees. In the progression of the semester Mentorship meetings are conducted to assess the strength and need of the mentees. Accordingly home visits are organised with the due information. This strategy integrates the academic and social emotions of educators, students and their families. It creates an equal playing field, recognizing the educators and family as jointly contributing to the education of the student. In this deliberation with the parents quality inputs are recorded by the mentors, and are incorporated while designing add-on courses, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This practice develops trust and dedicated relationship with students and parents for their go-getter-ness.

Evidence of Success

For Students : The Mentoring through home visits benefitted the students in their career selection. The mentees are able to analyse their Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Abilities (SWOA). Mentors identified the home Behaviour of mentees and counselled them accordingly. Afterwards Students became friendlier with the teachers to get their doubts resolved and their etiquettes and manners noticeably improved at home.

For Parents : Mentoring through home visits, benefitted the parent with sharing the strength and weakness of their ward and found improvements through counselling sessions by Mentor. It has embedded institute’s distinctive goodness and a great referral in the community.

Overall impact : This practice has improved Students’ attention in the class, punctuality in submission of assignments, and parents morally paid fees in time. A teacher, parent, and student integrated in holistic grooming to attain Program Educational Objectives (PEOs).

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

This is noticed that the parents are not readily available during office hours. This problem has resolved by arranging visit as per the availability of parents after office hours and on holidays.