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Beyond the Curriculum : Specialized Add-on Courses at AIMS

Add on courses are one credit courses offered by Institute and they are mapped with the grooming needs of students. Various cross cutting issues pertaining society, industry and Nation are addressed through these courses. The contact hours are conducted in flexible schedule during weekdays and completion certificate is awarded based on performance of students in concurrent assessment.

List of add on courses offered at the Institute.

Sr. No.Course Name
1Data Analysis Lab
2Book Reviews
3Leadership Lessons from Non-Business Leaders
4Public Speaking Crash course
5Youth Leadership for Climate Action
6Basic English Course
7Constitution of India
8Elementary Information Technology
9Start-Up Fest
10ENR - 61- Communication- Creative Writing Workshop
11ENR-23-Desk Research- Best Business Practices - Case Study Development and Presentation
12Growing business through Franchising - Case Study Development and Presentation
13Intellectual Property Rights – Seminar
14Review of TED Talks
15Behavioural & Interpersonal Skills -Team Selling Lab
17Creative Writing Workshop
18Emotional Intelligence
19MS Excel for Managers
20Leadership Lessons from Non-Business Leaders