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Connecting Legacies : A Decade of AIMS Alumni Excellence and Engagement

The Alumni Association of the institute has effectively maintained alumni involvement through diverse methods since its establishment in 2013. The “AIMS Alumni Association” is a legally recognised organisation registered with the Charity Commissioner in Pune under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, specifically Act No. 21 of 1860. Due to the increasing significance of social media in daily life, the institute has utilised it to improve alum connectivity. The institute has established an official group for its alumni, consisting of 1042 individuals who have graduated from eleven different batches.

The alumni association offers a regular registration process through the dedicated “Alma Shine” Alumni Web Portal. Alma Shine has created a comprehensive directory that includes contact numbers, names, email IDs, current occupations, and future goals of the alumni. This virtual platform serves as a database for Alumni members to stay connected and constantly communicate with their alma mater. With its longstanding presence in the management academia for over a decade, the institute has alumni working in many industry sectors such as manufacturing, service, startups, and family businesses.

The AIMS Alumni Meet, known as “Sojourn,” is a platform for the institute alumni to connect and engage. These alumni are highly esteemed institute representatives and hold significant value as assets. The institute also organises Alumni Association Meetings for discussions and explorations on enhancing teaching methods, meeting industry standards, arranging summer and final job placements, organising industry visits, engaging in community outreach activities, and promoting the institute’s reputation. These discussions provide valuable insights from alumni. During a sojourn, faculty members and alumni engage in discussions regarding the current, developing, and upcoming trends in business and their implications.

Alumni’s inherent inclination leads them to give professional presentations and willingly engage in entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition, alumni contribute to various programmes. The institute alumni are actively involved in the following:

  • Referrals of the institute’s excellence and positive reputation are spread by word of mouth. The admission of the siblings of most alumni ensures their continued involvement in the institute community.
  • Practical scenarios for students to gain firsthand experience.
  • Alumni serve as members of the Board of Industrial Mentors at the institute. They proactively provide summer internship opportunities, organise industrial visits, and facilitate student placements.
  • The institute has created an alumni platform where we ask former students to serve as
    distinguished programme guests and jury members for the competition and to speak on
    orientation day.
  • Alumni are crucial in promoting activities, sponsorships, and student rewards.
  • Alumni serve as catalysts for promoting and facilitating business and incubation.
  • Alumni are vital in organising business meetings and networking events.
  • The positive contributions of alumni in their workplaces improve the institute’s reputation.
  • Senior alumni mentor juniors to help them advance in their careers. The Institute Alumni Association has endeavoured to mobilise alumni, maintain their connections, and direct their efforts towards advancing the alumni and the institute.

AIMS Alumni Association Committee

Sr. No.Name of the MembersDesignation
1Dr. Harshavardhan S. VhoraPresident
2Mr. Aditya S. Shah (Pandarkar)Secretary
3Dr. M. A. LahoriJoint Secretary
4Dr. Manisha A. VhoraTreasurer
5Mr. Vishal ShindeMember
6Mr. Hardik N. GujarathiMember
7Mr. Kalpesh S. ShahMember
8Mrs. Sheetal D. Parade (Jagadale)Member
9Mrs. Neha S. KothariMember
10Mr. Sumit D. NarayankarMember
11Mrs. Tanvi N. DoshiMember
12Mr. Sandeep D. PawarMember